Surgery Day!

Well, today was the day! The week as planned out here wasn’t EXACTLY right (mostly regarding my prescriptions) but it was basically on target. Last night The Boy took my to my Grandmom’s, and my parents, who had taken Grandmom out for dinner, let us enjoy their leftover seafood pasta, which was delish. The Boy headed home to feed his cat and I headed to bed to read the internet on my phone before going to sleep. I woke up at 3:45 am to pee and couldn’t get back to sleep (mostly because I knew Dad intended to get up at 4:30 because he was positive it would take a lot longer to get to MD General/UMD Midtown than it did.) We left at 5:15 (After almost forgetting all the frozen stuff my mom insisted on preparing, lol. She made chicken soup and pasta sauce and had two ice packs she got specifically for me. Very sweet, and very my mom.) We arrived at 6am and sat in the waiting area for half an hour because they don’t open until 6:30 (when I had to report). Luckily we had books to occupy us.

When I got called back they had me use these disinfecting wipes, which was weird and new and I had not done that before (like a shower for after your shower, heh) and we got started on the prep. It took three tries and two nurses to get an IV in, and my left inner elbow is really bruised (my veins are sneaky and like to play hide and seek) but we got it done. And I understand that my arms are kind of jerks when it comes to IVs (after a car accident a decade or so ago, the vein in my hand burst because they took so long finding a vein with the tourniquet on) so I tried to just do what I could to help (which wasn’t much). Dad and I read between visits from many many medical staff (several nurses, two anesthesiologists, the surgeon, and the physician’s assistant) who all asked nearly identical lists of questions before taking me back. I don’t even remember much of the OR-they got me on the table and strapped me in (for safety’s sake, not because I was likely to fling myself to the floor mid-incision or something) and gave me an oxygen mask and that’s all I remember. (Not unusual with anesthesia. The first time I remembered joking around with the staff and starting to count backward from 10 when they gave me the anesthetic but not the second time and not today.) Then I was in recovery, groggily coming to and complaining a bit about dry-mouth. They got pain meds into me and we slowwwwwly got my pain down (I THINK last time the same thing happened where they had to switch pain management meds but I can’t recall for sure.) Once we got it to start to go down they gave me ice chips for a bit and then once it was a manageable level brought me cranberry juice mixed with ginger ale and some lorna doone cookies and I got a bathroom break.

After an hour or so (I think it took about an hour to wake me up a bit, too, because it was around noon when I started munching) they unhooked me and let me get dressed while they called my dad to bring the car to the front doors. I got another bathroom visit (and though they took me to the loo in the wheelchair I was allowed to put weight on my leg from the second I was unhooked!) and then I watched a little Supernatural on TV while dad pulled the car around.

We went to the Fenwick Bakery (formerly our family-owned bakery) and stocked up on goodies and visited with Mike and Mrs. Claudette (the head baker and decorator) and Rose (who filled our order) and then, because my aunt lives nearby, visited her as well (and shared the pastry wealth.) Then we headed back my way, and stopped at the pharmacy. They did not have my painkillers in stock (though they finally had my psych meds) so I just grabbed some ibuprofen with my psych meds. Dad and I unloaded me and my stuff (and my unnecessary crutches(!)) and he headed home and I settled in to my nest with some food and Parks and Rec. So far I feel totally fine. I hurt my leg a little bit when I got on the couch to nap because I twisted my leg a little but I just iced it while I napped with Zelda on my chest, lol. A MAGICAL NAP. WITH MY CAT. And I’ll get my percocet tomorrow in case I need it. Woo!



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2 responses to “Surgery Day!

  1. I’m so glad things went well and even better than you expected. Hope it continues that way. *hugs* Yay for Magical Cat Healing.

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