Writing Thursday’s post on Wednesday

So today (Wednesday) is also the anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death. We used one of his bandana’s at scrimmage Monday (to indicate which team a jam ref was tracking) and it got a little ripped. I feel bad about making Dread feel bad-my first reaction was to tear up a little. But it’s minimal damage, really, and after thinking about it a bit, I think Granddad would be happy that someone was getting some use out of it. Plus he used it for so many years to wipe the dust off his brow and blow his nose that if it had to go, I think he’d want it to go out working (which I know is silly, but also true.) It means more having gotten a little damage from roller derby than from going in the wash, after all. And I still have two others from him (plus others that I got at Department of Skate.)

Last year at the service I shared the words of a redditor about how when you look at the stars and planets, you may be seeing the light that left them when your grandparents looked at the sky. It ended “your grandparent’s aren’t gone, they’re traveling.” I wonder where Granddad is visiting today. ❤



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