International Capitols bout

On Saturday, the DC Rollergirls, roller derby league to the nation’s capitol, played the Riddeau Valley Vixens, roller derby league to a different nation’s capitol (Ottawa, Canada). US VERSUS CANADA! TO THE DEEEEEEAAAAAAAATH! Woo! USA! USA! USA! And then the National Maulers played against the Rocktown Rollers. They’re from a little closer to home. and here is me, with the *dramatic music* Bout Report.

*switches what camera I’m looking at*

First up we had the very highly anticipated international capitols bout. The Riddeau skaters sang the Canadian national anthem, because we couldn’t find anyone who knew all the words in time. I have to say I was a little embarrassed, but it was embarrassment on behalf of the entire nation, not on behalf of DCRG, because we didn’t leave it until the last minute, we actually tried. Then a tiny, tiny girl sang the American anthem. She was either 11 or 14–I can’t remember which. But she was pretty good and belted like whoa. Then the bout started. Kim Deal with It and VelocityRaptor announced.

Riddeau started out behind, taking a page from Charm’s strategy of testing the waters to see how their opponents play before really solidifying their strategy. DC took the lead, and then Riddeau decided to take it back, and then the lead totally switched like a million times and rarely got more than a few points apart for the first half of the period. DC pulled ahead by around 20 points during the second half of period one, though. During period 2, the score switched back and forth again over and over but then Riddeau took the lead and held it right during the last few minutes. Final score, 180-165, Riddeau. Afterward, I went over to one of the bench coaches to compliment her on 1) her fox ears and tail and 2) the delight that was having her skaters in the box. She joked that it was a Canadian thing and I quietly delighted in her Ottawan vowels.

After halftime, when I visited with Kim Deal with It, we had the Rocktown Rollers vs the National Maulers. Kim asked if I had seen Rocktown play before and I admitted I had not. SHe told me they’re a scrappy bunch and she was right! (I have seen several members of Rocktown play at DC-hosted scrimmages, but not the entire team.) This was a less-close bout but it was still really good. The National Maulers were playing super cleanly, which was both great, because yay few penalties! but also not great because I was like “I would like to do my job please.” At the half the score was 106-40, and it was my mental goal for Rocktown to pass the century mark before the bout ended. Not because I felt bad for them, but because they were playing so well I wanted the score to reflect that more. (They were pretty awesome, you guys.) And when the second half ended, the score was 207-107. So I say this was a TOTAL WIN FOR EVERYONE. YAY! (And I feel like the skaters all agreed.)


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