Went to the doctor today for a surgical follow up. The Physicians Assistant was a super cute redhead with glasses and she was really nice. It felt amazing (and sort of painful, since it was an involuntary waxing of hairs that had grown over the past couple weeks) to get the bandage off. My brother has been telling me that based on the bruising pattern I had an infection but he was wrong! (coming from a loving place, but WRONG WRONG WRONG I TOLD YOU SO HA HA HA I AM BEST.) My leg is fine. The doc had a group of interns learning from him today so I got to pretend I was in an episode of Scrubs. Apparently I am a model patient, though, so it was a terrible, boring episode 😉

The upshot is that I can return to showering immediately (which is great because baths take SO LONG if you do them right, which you have to do, because BATHS) and can submerge it in a week. I can return to regular activities now, skating in two weeks, and contact (assuming I pass my safety assessment sans leg-break this time!) in late summer. Woo! Time to write up a cross-training schedule!

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