My leg is super attractive

Well it’s red and scaly from the bandage adhesive, and that stings when I wash, moisturize, and/or scratch (it’s ITCHY) but the incision is fine. There was a little bit of the glue left on it yesterday but it’s almost all gone today. The incision doesn’t hurt, and neither does using my leg. It’s FANTASTIC.

This Saturday is home team Champs. I mentioned earlier this month (I think, or last?) that there was a three way tie for first place. The league had to vote on how to handle it, and the decision was (I think-I wasn’t in on the vote) to go by point totals. So our game for first and second place will be between the Majority Whips and Scare Force One, and the game for third and fourth place will be between the Demoncats and the Bombshells. I’ll be in the box and it will undoubtedly be glorious!


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