Pretty sure I had a plan about what I was gonna write today

but time has passed since that plan formed. Apparently my brain turned into a sieve. This post will be an adventure! 

Day one of exercising according to schedule complete. Nothing particularly exciting to report there.

Last night my heat went out while I slept, it was SO COLD this morning. I let the leasing office know when I got back from therapy and they came and relit the pilot and we scheduled the new heater install. The maintenance guys are gonna come in and take the old one out tomorrow so the install will be done in one day. I have my space heater and a loaner one from the leasing office. I’m going to talk to the leasing office manager tomorrow about getting a discount on rent since the heat doesn’t cost me extra and electricity (on which the space heaters run) does cost me extra. A few hours after they relit the pilot it went out again, and my heat is blowing cold cold air again. This happened yesterday too.

I haven’t been eating as much as I should lately (part, I think, of the depressive pattern I talked about yesterday). We talked about it at therapy and are hoping doing more stuff will change that, and today seems to suggest that’s working. But it also made me very sleeeeeepy.

The Boy and I are talking about going to a bacon festival on saturday in Baltimore.


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