Superheroes Scrimmage

Today DCRG hosted an interleague scrimmage that was superhero themed–the teams were Superman (blue), Batman (black), and Green Lantern (green, duh). We did 6 30 minute games, everyone played everyone else twice. There was also a costume contest, which officials also participated in. I was Princess Batman. I wore a black and purple dress (the only formal dress I own/can fit in), a tiara, and a batman mask. I also did really neat eyeshadow.  Alas, I did not win best costume, because UNKNOWN (one of DCRGs refs) won for his superzebra costume. (Ref jersey, ref-striped short shorts, zebra striped cape, zebra helmet cover with ears and a tail.)  I resent it mightily. MIGHTILY! (Okay, I resent it a little, because I looked FABULOUS but it was just some fun.) But I won too, because one of the volunteers brought his daughter and she treated me like a real disney princess.

In the end the Green Lanterns defeated everyone, and the Supermans (yes that is the plural shut up) got 2nd with the Batmans (yesssss) were third. One of the skaters brought candy goody bags for each team and the officials (they were like little easter baskets! they had candy and bubbles and playdoh!) and we got to meet lots of new skaters and help some MADE skaters understand WFTDA rules. (Because DCRG is a WFTDA league, we do our scrimmages by WFTDA rules, but for interleague scrimmages, we invite people from ALL the area leagues to participate if they want to. Which means the box gets visited a lot by the MADE skaters early on. But they learned! They did well.)

It was a super fun morning.


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