it’s monday.

this entry is fairly boring. sorry. They installed my new heat system today but I don’t know if it’s actually working. The new thermostat is super easy to use and it says it’s on and will make it 70 degrees in here but that it was less than 70 degrees in here until I ran the space heater and it says it’s 70 right now. I have not heard any air going through the vents at all. Not sure what to do about it. But I’m cold.

Slacked on exercising Friday because they were working on the heat for a lot more of the day than I thought it would take but I’m back at it today. tomorrow I get to skate again! So I’m gonna. After a very long steady state workout.

Went to the library and Franklins with a friend yesterday (his local library is closed for remodelling right now) and enjoyed one of their beers that is a bit sour. I generally don’t like sours but this one was good. I finished my leftovers today. So good. Franklin’s fries reheat well, it’s miraculous.


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