500th post! Woo! Yay me! I talk a lot! 

So it seems that the cold last night was because the ducts weren’t hooked up because something they needed was not available until today. Now I have heat! Yay! It’s nice and cozy in here now. YAY HEAT!

It’s super rainy and cold today so I’m not gonna skate until the weather lets up. It’s almost MAY. WHY IS IT COLD. 50 DEGREES IS NOT NORMAL FOR ALMOST MAY. The weather is also interfering with my workout plan (independent of skating.) BOO WEATHER.

Had a good session in therapy today. I like how much better I feel after my sessions even if I feel unhappy or weird or whatever when I’m in my session (probably because I’m talking about stuff I don’t talk about much/don’t like to talk about.)


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