Why is weather such a strong influence on mood?

because seriously. Dear Current Weather: NO. NO. NO. With extreme distaste, Me. 

Several of my friends have actual spontaneous ponds in their yards (and basements). So I have it mostly easy in that this weather just makes me sleepy and lazy and unmotivated.

That being said, despite sleeping a lot more than I needed/wanted, I did manage to force myself to do my workouts (I can plank for 45 seconds now. And because I know I can do a minute down on my elbows, I’ve been doing plank challenge with my arms fully extended. Which means 45 seconds planking with straight arms. GO ME!) Of course now I feel like I’m made entirely of cooked noodles but that’ll get better.

It’s supposed to rain until Thursday night/Friday morning (ish) but I don’t have another outdoor workout until Friday so hopefully I’ll get that and first time back skating done then. Woo!


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