My Feet Hurt

I bought a tiara for the superheroes scrimmage. I have no other use for a tiara. I am wearing a tiara now. (also, spoilers for House, in the event anyone is planning on watching but hasn’t yet)

It turns out that walking around for a couple hours in my summer sandals is a bad plan. (They have absolutely no support, so I should know this, but I didn’t think I’d be out as long as I was.) Fortunately, though it is warm and sunny today, it’s not too warm to wear slippers so my feet are now cushioned.

I spent over an hour at the pharmacy because they seem to have somehow filled two or three months worth of prescriptions which my insurance covered without having my insurance information (or they deleted it accidentally) so I spent some time hanging out waiting, and then they asked for my insurance card and I gave it to them, but a different pharmacist took over filling my prescription and for some reason assumed I had left the store so didn’t fill it for a while, and then they had to call the insurance company because they couldn’t get it to work over the computer. 70 minutes later, I finally got out of there. (Before the pharmacy, I went to the mall, which accounts for many more minutes of walking, but my feet didn’t hurt until leaving the pharmacy.)

This is a weird thing to blog about but I have been making and eating the most AMAZING tuna fish sandwiches lately. SO GOOD. I dunno what makes them so good all of a sudden but man they are.

Back when House was still airing but also in syndication, I used to turn it on (particularly when several episodes would air in a row) and then go about my day getting stuff done in the apartment. Now that it’s on netflix, I’m doing the same thing. There were always episodes I hadn’t seen (like the ones where Amber dies) but, alas, the one where they find out that Kutner committed suicide was not one I missed. I’m at the point where I know it’s coming. The episode I’m watching now is one with a suicidal patient (due to pain from an undiagnosed untreated illness) and I have to say it’s problematic for me. I feel weird watching it. I feel weird knowing Kutner’s suicide is coming and I’m gonna watch the aftermath of that, too. I feel weird that Kutner doesn’t think you have to have a mental illness issue to be suicidal (another doctor said there’s not point where a “sane person” would commit suicide) and he said so and (his colleagues) THE DOCTORS DIDN’T NOTICE. Being suicidal could be considered a textbook definition of NOT healthy. A healthy organism does anything to survive. Mental illness is called that because it is ILLNESS. Suicidality IS A SYMPTOM OF ILLNESS. We need to eliminate the giant chasm separating “health” and “mental health.” THEY ARE THE SAME THING. They both have physical symptoms. They have different causes, but that’s the case for health problems that aren’t mental health issues. (Bacteria, viruses, your body just got some signals crossed, etc.)

Wow I did not know I was sitting on all that. Huh.


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