I am so totally gonna get serial killed.

I was walking on the northwest branch (of the Anacostia) trail and I was very aware of my surroundings and keeping an eye and ear on other people, but then some guy’s basset hound stops pooping in order to run up to me and I immediately drop my guard and get snorgled by said dog. Fortunately his person was not the Trinity Killer

Or maybe I’ll become the serial killer, when douchebags refuse to stop for me when I’m in the crosswalk and instead drive through and ogle me as they pass. Dude, seriously, I’m wearing a bra that compresses my girls into nothingness and I’m facing you so you can’t see my jelly jiggle, what the fuck are you grinning at? I settled for giving him the finger. (Which I was already starting to do when he didn’t stop, but felt extra satisfaction from when he was a leering douchebag.)

The plan for today was exercise (by walking), skate, watch DCRG vs Berlin at the Beach Brawl (a Fort Lauderdale tournament hosted by the Gold Coast Derby Grrls) and then chillin for the evening. Real life reminded me that planning is futile. I did my walking, obviously, but my new sneakers are, apparently, too small (and half a size up is too big, I happen to know, so wtf am I to do?) resulting in bottom-of-toe blisters, ball-of-foot blisters, and a back-of -heel blister on the left foot. I was limping by the time I got back to my place and so no skating today. (I might tomorrow, if my feet feel better.) I popped my blisters (I always always do this, I know you’re supposed to wait and see if it’ll drain on it’s own but fuck that I don’t have time to coddle my pain sacs) and soaked my feet in hot and then cold water and I’m wearing slippers again (sock style, with the ankle bit folded back down to cushion my foot more). I’m gonna chill on the couch and watch the beach brawl game (ptooey) before DC’s (Carolina vs Blue Ridge-currently BRRG are winning because I’m rooting for Carolina–I know one of their skaters, don’t know anyone at BR, if you’re wondering how I decided who to cheer on)

Meanwhile, the final stage of hooking up the HVAC system is being completed on the roof and my (and many other people’s) balcony(ies) which means dudes are coming and going (but are all very nice and polite) and weird constructiony smells are filtering into the apartment. (The condenser for AC has been installed on the building’s roof, and now they’re connecting it to each apartment’s HVAC unit.)

I can’t remember where I was when last I walked for the Eowyn Challenge so let’s just start again. I walked from Bag End to the Brandywine Bridge today. Between bouts I’m gonna plank for a minute and possibly cry when I can stop putting weight on the balls of my feet 😉


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