Two outta three ain’t bad at all.

DCRG skated in the Beach Brawl down in Florida over the weekend. They were fantastic. 

Friday night they played Bear City (Berlin’s All-Star league, who we last played at the start of season 7). This game was pretty close. DC took an early lead and built that lead for the first several jams before Berlin started really scoring. DC led for almost the entire first half (though not by much all the time) until suddenly Bear City tied and then surpassed DC’s score (by a point) right before halftime. In the second half DC said “aw, HELL NO” and started rebuilding their lead. Bear City let them take it but wouldn’t let ’em run with it. The score stayed close, and then Bear City tied it up AGAIN. But then DC called for an official review and the result was Berlin lost a point, putting the score at 70-69. DC, as a result, started working harder than ever, and for the next 8-10 minutes, though both teams scored, DC ran their score up much faster than Berlin did thanks to a few power jams and strong defensive walls. Final score was 151 DC to 117 Bear City.

Saturday they played the host league, Gold Coast Derby Grrls. DC held GC scoreless for the first few jams (26-0!) by getting lead jammer several jams in a row. Gold Coast took a little bit but they rallied, racking up some points. However, DC retained the lead and at the half the score was 96-47. Second half looked to be more of the same, both teams fighting but DC leading by a good margin. Then the video feed stopped updating and it seems Gold Coast racked up a lot of points while we could not watch. The score was still pretty heavily in favor of DC winning, 117-76, but GC scoring so much in a couple minutes showed they were still very much in the game. Gold Coast started taking lead jammer more and more often and increasing their score, reducing DCs lead. The feed went down again, though for a much shorter duration, and when we were back, the score was 143-114 and GC kept piling on the points until there was only an 8 point differential. During the last two jams, GC worked their ASSES off. Second-to-last jam the score was 149-148 with Gold Coast in the lead and in the final jam they got lead jammer again. They took one more grand slam and called the jam after the period clock had expired, winning 154-148.

Yesterday they played Suburbia (out of Yonkers, NY). DC and Suburbia are similarly ranked, and we’ve beat them before in recent memory. I was tired, too, so I skipped watching (and have heard a lot of negativity about the announcers and last minute schedule changes since, so maybe that was a good plan) but I also heard DC had a bit of a blowout for most of the bout. Final score was 243 DC-74 Suburbia.

The Big O tournament was going on in Eugene Oregon the same weekend. I watched a couple of the Philly games because DC’s ZipBlok transferred to Philly and got on their B team after schooling necessitated a move. She also got an MVP award from the tournament, which is super awesome. Go Zeebs!!


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