Being happy is an excellent goal.

“All we have to do is figure out how to get you from here to happy.” Yes I’m still watching House

Tuesdays are therapy days. I feel better after therapy. I feel better during therapy. I hate going to therapy. Getting up. Showering. Getting dressed. At that point, it’s fine. But it’s hard to start.

We talked about that today, and also about what I want in order to be happy. And we talked about learning to accept the things that keep me from being happy that can’t be changed.

I can’t plank 90 seconds yet (yesterday was the first day at 90 seconds) but I did some jumproping today and most of my core workout (I’m still readjusting to working out after so much time off, and weirdly, my thighs are not up to the core workout moves. also they are not into jumprope, yet, though they’ll put up with it for a bit).

Things continue to be okay here.


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