I’m being stalked by a tubby tabby

I put my hair in pigtails today. Fitzy has been staring and spontaneously leaping into my lap and generally creeping at me. (He wants to play with and then eat my hair elastics. I’m not convinced it’s a good idea.) 

In other news, I have noticed that I’m starting to develop positive patterns/a daily routine. One not impacted by being stalked by my cat, fortunately. Well, not seriously impacted. gvbbbbbbbbbbbbf <——that’s not a serious impact.

I still can’t plank for more than a little over a minute. Gonna try again tomorrow (which is the last time it’s on the schedule. then it moves up to two minutes.) If I can’t do it I’ll switch to planking on my elbows, which puts less strain on the core.

going to skate tomorrow morning. first thing. everything else is sort of meh but slowwwwwwly getting better. Just slower than I want.


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