my brain is an asshole.

I slept pretty much all yesterday afternoon and finally felt better after the sun went down. And then I went to bed and slept all night. And then I woke up and had a headache again. It will not go away. I HATE IT. 

I realized yesterday morning when I woke and didn’t immediately go skating that I’m maybe a little scared to start skating again. Once I do it I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I’m scared to do it. So I was determined to skate but my headaches become major migraines when my blood pumps more. GRAWR.

Today I had an interview at AC Moore. It’s just retail but at this point anything is good. It’s halfway between my place and The Boy’s, too, so it won’t matter if I live here or there. I think the interview went really well. I’ll hear sometime early next week if I get called back.

Now I have to try and get rid of this headache so I can do things again. WANT TO DO THINGS. Especially because it’s Savor DC Beer week and The Boy and I are gonna do beer stuff on Saturday and I have a scrimmage Sunday morning before we spend the day with my parents and my grandmother.


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