The first pancake.

So my family didn’t do this; I dunno if we are just supreme pancake makers or stubborn ones, but we always ate the first pancake, we didn’t throw it out. But I learned of the first pancake metaphor and have been using it with reckless abandon. 

Mondays are the first pancake of my week lately. They are the throwaway day. I intend them t obe like any other day but instead end up oversleeping and not doing anything I intended to do. Well today I did ONE thing I intended to do (and will probably do one or two more) but generally it feels like a waste of a day. I was gonna skate today but I slept super late in the day and had weird dreams and ended up putting it off. The only reason I haven’t gotten super discouraged about it is that tomorrow is SASS’s birthday party at the skating rink and I told her I’d be there so I will 100% definitely be skating tomorrow.

I’m off my exercise schedule (though I intend to go back on tomorrow) because of two days of headaches last week and because I can’t seem to plank for longer than 65 seconds. I’m going to adjust my daily goals for the plank challenge and let it overlap with the next 30 day challenge (which I think is biceps? I’m too busy typing here to switch tabs and check) so I still achieve the 5 minute plank, just in a little more time thank originally planned. I refuse to let this setback screw up my plans.

I feel like I should be sneaky hate spiraling right now but I’m not. Which is good, even if it feels weird.

On Saturday The Boy and I had a brunch double-date with a friend of his and said friend’s wife. We went to Meridian Pint, who was hosting a thing for Savor DC and in addition to delicious food (we came for brunch and The Boy and I stayed for lunch because YUM) we had lots of 4 ounce pours of delicious beers! We had tried the Firestone Walker Sucaba and Parabola before and knew we loved them so we HAD to have some, and then we tried some new (to us) beers by Hardywood Park. Then we came home and napped and were lazy for the rest of the day despite intending to do other things because SLEEP WAS VERY NEEDED. Sorry to Slam Grier and Wags for missing your events ❤ We really needed to sleep though.

Yesterday DC’s only roller derby shop, Department of Skate, hosted a scrimmage as part of a ref clinic they put on this weekend. We had several new NSO volunteers as well, so the more veteran NSOs taught the newbies the ropes. I helped teach one of our boot campers how to be a scorekeeper. Simmie Simmie Cocoa Puff’s husband was also learning to scorekeep (we had enough of our usual NSO crew to put one person on each scorekeeper while Pants ran the scoreboard.) I really enjoyed meeting the new people (and seeing recently new faces again) and can’t wait to work with them all again. I also got to see some recently befriended skaters from other leagues again, which was nice. The scrimmage was a bit unusual for the NSOs to learn on, since it was for ref clinic purposes. There were two teams of 7 refs that switched back and forth and the jam refs changed every few jams (which is not usual at all).  The skaters also worked to be creative with their penalties to help give the refs the opportunity to learn about different situations that can occur. We had a couple time outs where the refs running the clinic ran scenarios with skaters for the learning refs too.

Then the boy and I went to my parents’ house to spend mother’s day with them and my grandmother. It was 98% pleasant! I have never had such a nice holiday with my family. Also, their neighbor came over after dinner and brought her dogs and the boy and I played with them and rubbed their bellies and scratched their ears and they were so fun! And I got a hand me down desktop from my dad.


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