Whelp. I did it.

I finally got back on skates. 

I meant to last night for SASS’s party, as I mentioned. But I got busy and missed the party. :/ So today, in order to prove once and for all I could do it, I went to Anacostia Skate Pavillion and strapped on my gear.

Well first I screwed around for a couple hours because I was looking for a reason not to go. But then I finally went. I geared up. I fell once. I only skated for a short time, because of the blister on my heel (from two fridays ago) is still angry about pressure and I got shin splints after a half hour or so. But now I know: my crossovers are actually better than they were, my t-stops are rusty but serviceable and my plow stops need work. I need to get more potassium. I’m going back tomorrow.

A friend asked me about temporarily volunteering for his organization, which would give me some experience to put on ye olde resume and show I’m doing something other than sitting on my ass during this stretch of unemployment, which could help with getting a job offer.


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