Busy as a bee. Beelike.

I’ve started volunteering at Bread for the City, helping them preserve their photos and videos and weed out duplicates. I go in twice a week for a few hours (depending on how I get there, as they’re in a 2 hour parking zone but also on a super convenient bus route).

I had a friend date with Comma where we saw The Obvious Child which was super good and so funny (it was a preview, but it’ll be out on the 6th). She had free tickets, so I didn’t have to refuse to do something! It felt really nice to leave the house for something other than therapy, grocery shopping, or going to The Boy’s. (Not that I hate going to his place, I love his place and him and his kitty. But it’s part of the usual routine. This was a nice fun thing that was not part of my routine.)

I got contacted by a few different recruiters about positions and am waiting to hear back about whether the companies offering them want to interview me. Fingers crossed!

I’m on additional medication to help with my depression and anxiety, we added paxil to my cymbalta. It’s probably the placebo effect since I just started on Tuesday but I’ve been feeling a bit better, and more capable of getting stuff done.

My cats are adorable and make hilarious faces when I go full on Elmira on them. Which is so much fun to do. Especially to Zelda, who wants the attention, just in any other form. She looks so uncomfortable about refusing my love.


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