Travel Team Excitement!

This weekend, I joined DCRG’s travel teams for my very first away game (well, first that wasn’t at Charm City, which BARELY counts as travel). So much fun! 

DCRG was scheduled to bout with Brandywine Rollergirls, and an email was sent out to the officials to see who could join them in Pennsylvania. Some of the responses were super excited, so I, being lazy, asked where it was instead of googling the league name, and discovered it’s pretty close to where some of my family lives, so I signed up. On Saturday I drove up to PA (despite a very uncooperative google maps app on my phone which forced me to pay a toll on 95 instead of avoiding it because the GPS TURNED OFF mid-drive, I made it fine) and visited with my aunt before going out to dinner with her, my cousins, and a cousin’s friend.

Early Sunday morning, I got up to get ready for the bout. Then I wasted 10 minutes trying to convince a chipmunk that my cousins’ cat brought into the house that it should go out through the garage instead of hiding in the laundry room. (It was SO CUTE OMG I think it was like a teenager chipmunk, you know, a baby but old enough to be on it’s own in chipmunk development. SO CUTE.) It did not agree with me. I got ready and headed over to the rink in my flamingo pink shirt, ready to penalty time.

The rink is about the same size as the ones we sometimes scrimmage at, but much better lit than Temple Hills. Very similar in style and layout to skate zone. Bout production bought us doughnut holes! woo! I learned that DC is a little lax on footwear (apparently Brandywine requires everyone to wear closed-toe shoes, and several of us showed up with only flip flops. Oops!) but that was the only hiccup that I noticed. Both games were really fun to watch, and DC won both, but they were really exciting. The National Maulers/Brandywine Brawlers bout final score was 214-116 and the All-Stars/Belligerents game final score was 207-114. My aunt and one of my cousins came to watch the second bout and now my cousin is talking about getting involved! Woo! They are the first family members to come out and see what I do (including my parents, who literally live 40 minutes from where I derby and always get invited. Terrible, TERRIBLE parents. 😉 ) and they really enjoyed it. Special thanks go out to Frak You and her dad, who helped explain what was going on on the track while I was busy working. My cousin wants a DCRG shirt now 🙂

Brandywine doesn’t add extra NSOs to the box for paperwork like DC does, so I had to do paperwork and time with the 30 second penalties for the first time since we were testing them out (before the 30 second penalty was implemented in the new rules). It was tough, and I definitely needed to rely on the inside whiteboard (which Brandywine has outside, like Charm does) to track the penalties, but I managed to get the jam number, skater number, and position all scribbled down in time and added in the rest when I could. It was hectic at times but it worked out.

I really enjoyed my first away game, and am looking forward to when I can afford to do it more often! Brandywine was a great host league and I thank them for being awesome AND allowing me to introduce some of my family to da derbs.

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