I think that went well

which means it probably didn’t, because that’s how things seem to go. But I really want this job so lets just keep hoping for the best.

okay so last night’s interview wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It wasn’t even really an interview, it was like an information session on the company. I’m not thrilled about that.

Today’s interview WAS an interview, and it was nice, and I think it went well, like I said already. When I arrived, the maitre’d said I was the first to arrive and I sat by myself for like 5 minutes before one of the gentlemen I was meeting with found me and was like “we’re seated back here I don’t know why they didn’t show you to our table!” They did it as a lunch interview to get an idea of my personality and how it would mesh with my potential future coworkers. We talked a bit about my work and school history, my volunteering with BftC, and that I’m a Navy brat (they’re retired Army, but said that it’s about 50/50 Army and Navy in the office), where I grew up, and of course derby! They’re going to email me next week about the next step in the process (which will be meeting some of the other people in the office) and hopefully I’ll be employed within a month or so (fingers crossed!) I really had a nice time.

I’ve also been contacted about a contract position at the World Bank, so if the position I interviewed for today doesn’t work out (but I really want it to!) then hopefully I’ll be employed soon anyway.


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