I’m baaaaaack

Just got back from vacation in the Outer Banks with my family. 

It was different this year; we needed a second house (which happens more often than not, as we are 7 nuclear families gathering together) but we didn’t get it until late (last year we only needed one) and the one we got was on the other side of the island. It was only a mile (or just under) away but it was surprisingly isolating. In some ways it was great (The Boy and I had space to get away from everyone/each other and introvert it up) and in some it was crappy (we didn’t get invited to/know about most of the group outings, saw less of the cousins under 21 years)…I’d be happy to have the sound house again, it was a great house for the most part (dryer didn’t work, couldn’t do laundry! rental company didn’t fix it while we were there :/ ) but I am not sure I want to stay in it again, because it was a bit lonely.

Most of the week was good anyway, though, and much fun was had. Some shit went down Friday night between me and my mom, but I’m not gonna talk about that here. It did put a pall on the last day though.


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