Back to the normal routine

I’ve been doing a LOT of work for my volunteering with BftC which was on a tight deadline. Basically I spent almost all of my waking hours last week and some of the week before scanning slides and photos. But I managed to do get some other stuff done too. 

Whoa. It’s been a WHILE since I updated. Sorry you guys! Alas, other things have had to take priority. Things that have happened:

-I went to PA to take a day-class for my certification

-I came back and did a lot of scanning of slides (SO MUCH SCANNING) and watched a lot of television while doing so.

-Deja Bruise!

-scrimmage with Toronto!

-lots of scanning of photographs

-some tv watching, much podcast listening

-so much scanning

-skated with Burns and Slam

-tracking my food again

-bout vs Suburbia

-travel team scrimmage.

As is often the case, derby is the most interesting thing.

dejabruiseDeja Bruise: 1970s theme. I didn’t win any awards this year, but I got a lovely pink and zebra framed photo of the refs and NSOs as my gift from the head officials, got to see lots of people I don’t spend much time with at bouts and practices (because they’re busy elsewhere or are not in the box often), looked fab, and got my boogie on–SOBER! I don’t dance sober, so it says a lot about DCRG that I felt comfortable doing so. Haven’t seen the photos our photographer took yet, but here’s a selfie from before I left for the party. –>

Toronto scrimmage: was the morning after deja bruise. They played Charm City the evening before, while we were partying. I ran the box by myself with the android app to time skaters and mostly did alright. Toronto’s skaters were charming and lovely.

skating: sitting on the floor scanning stuff for 9 days meant that my legs were suuuuuper stiff. Thursday I decided I was going to skate and give my legs a chance to, well, not relax, but be in a different position. When I got to the skate pavillion, Burns and Slam had just arrived too, and Camilla the Hun was there with friends. I wanted to skate by myself, because I was embarrassed about how bad I am now (I’m mostly still worse than I was before the break, which was AGES ago) but I’m really glad I stayed and skated with them. Slam gave us lots of advice about stops and edges and swerving and was very encouraging.

Bout: I ran the box for this bout (my second time running box for a real bout, eeek!) and it went pretty well. We had a skater/official shadowing to learn the ropes in the box. We’re also adapting to running the box with paperwork without extra people, which I suspect will be the norm when the home season starts up. Suburbia’s A team won the first match-up 205 Suburbia-193 DC. The first half DC OWNED the track, but in the second half, Suburbia managed to take the lead. The score was SUPER close for all of the second half but in the end, Suburbia edged us out. Their B team did not fare so well against the Maulers. One of their skaters who came to the box early on mentioned that the team was a LOT of new players and that this was the first real bout for some of them, though, and if that is accurate, then WOW. You could see the girls getting better as the bout went on. Part of that is just learning how the officials make their calls and adjusting to it (which I think happens at any sanctioned game, because you never have the same team of officials) but the really worked hard and improved in the hour of game time. Final score for that bout was 316 DC – 118 Suburbia.

Travel team scrimmage: the next day we had a scrimmage that was dubbed “all stars against the world.” There are skaters on the travel team that skate for both the All Stars and the Maulers, so there weren’t enough skaters to do a strictly travel team vs travel team scrimmage, I guess? We had a couple of the newly drafted league members and some guys come out to skate against the all stars. I learned to do lineup tracking (which is the only NSO position I hadn’t done yet) and Capps ran the box and taught me what I was doing, paperwork-wise (which is all lineup tracking is, paperwork).

Oh hey, there was draft! None of the home teams are full yet, but they each drafted 2-3 new skaters from our pool of skaters on tap. There may be another draft in the fall, right before the season starts. We’re losing two of our veteran skaters to the west coast: Frightmare and Dual Hitizen are moving (and joining up with BAD, I believe)…Saturday”s bout was Fright’s last travel team bout at home (they’re going to Texas and to Chicago before division 2 playoffs in Ontario.)  Dual’s last bout with the DC All-Stars at home was last month.

And, for accountability’s sake, at the bout Saturday I told a couple skaters that I’d be at Anacostia around 5, 5:30 every Tuesday and Thursday to work on my skating. Scarebender and Malice (who is back in the country!! but needs to brush up her skills so she can take her minimum skills and get drafted again) both said they’d love to join me sometimes so regular practice ahoy!

Tomorrow I have a job interview via Skype. The position is in Rhode Island. I haven’t heard back from the contractor I interviewed with last month yet, nor from the other agencies that have passed my application on from the prescreening computer to the hiring official. Hopefully I will get a couple offers and can take my pick of jobs! Fingers crossed.


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