True Professionalism

before the skype interview I remembered to take the batman mask off the back of my couch. awww yeah, professionalism at work! I should be commended. Rewarded, even!

So my interview was preceded by a skype call from my interviewers in order to test the connection. The mic on my computer wasn’t picking up my voice very well, so we had to set it up that we both skyped and called on the phone. As a result, my voice was very echo-ey, and I had to adapt to that as well as feedback. But other than that, the interview went well. They said that they’ll make their decision in a day or two but then they tell HQ and HQ will take a couple weeks to get back to the candidates. So we’ll see. Also, at the scrimmage yesterday, Batty mentioned that her supervisor was on vacation but was going to go through the applications after, so hopefully one of these jobs will work out (and there’s another usajobs application that got passed the computer, so there’s the slightest possibility I’ll have multiple offers. I can only hope!)

This afternoon, Malice and I headed to Anacostia to skate. I only ended up skating for a half hour before my legs turned to spaghetti. I worked on my swerves (which are improving but still need a lot of work) and stops and falls (which are more improved than my swerves but still not as consistent as I want) and then I sat down while Malice kept going a bit. I’m hoping this is the last week I have to say that 30 minutes of skating leads to spaghetti legs, though! We’re going to skate again on Thursday.


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