I’m a bit irritable today.

I tried to channel it into productivity, but I was only intermittently successful. 

On vacation at the beach (which you may remember was the last week of June), my mother and I had a fight. She asked me some questions relating to my depression, and I answered them. My answers were not well received, things escalated, and we ended up shouting at each other on the back porch while the rest of our family was inside pretended nothing was happening.

I apologized for yelling at her when I saw her the next day, and she thanked me for the apology, and then avoided or ignored me (unless I asked a direct question) for the next two days. (Then everyone went home.) I regularly correspond with my parents by email. They share a home email address. She won’t reply to any emails anymore. I called today, and she wouldn’t answer the phone. I had to drop off some papers a week or so after we got back from vacation and she arranged to be out of the state when I did so. It feels really shitty.

I got some cleaning done today, and re-organized the linen closet, and otherwise distracted myself with internet and reading and tv. I have lots to feel good about. I just don’t.



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2 responses to “I’m a bit irritable today.

  1. I don’t like this for your sake. I’d like to say more but don’t want to make things worse. Just know I’m on your side. *hugs*

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