That actually helped.

I felt much better mere minutes after yesterday’s post. 

new phone: acquired and set up. Brother: called yesterday, either having seen this post or not, I dunno, but it was a nice call nevertheless, until my phone was like “you talk too much” and hung up. new case arrives tomorrow, which will, I hope, prevent this phone from becoming shattered when it falls out of my pocket. Which it inevitably will. Lasership > USPS.

I got a lot done for BftC and delivered it back to them, so I am taking a wee break for today. But because today was busy, I’m moving my tuesday skate to tomorrow so I can get more skating in.

It’s really nice out. And in. Good weather. Hardly anyone at the pool, which makes me wish I had 5 bucks so I could go to the pool. Alas, I will just have to fondly remember swimming at the shore last Friday and hope that next Friday (not this upcoming one) is equally good for swimming.

Screwy hurt herself the other day (slipped at the bottom of the stairs, and landed on her butt so hard it might maybe be broken, but might just be a bone bruise) and I had a movie of hers, so I brought it back today so she could entertain herself while resting up, and I also helped her with her puppy and a quick little chore. I HAD A LAPFUL OF PUPPY. That may have also helped.

I have some research for a project I’m planning but I don’t want to talk about it until it’s more fleshed out. But be aware! There is something to know! At some point! Probably!


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