I am having a day.

A day with a sore throat and burning lack of hope for humanity. 

My throat is sore and I am whiny about it. Very whiny. Very sore.

So you know my depression? (“I know of it.”) I feel like I need to give it a name. It’s basically another entity, really. It’s figured out that the tactics it had employed aren’t working anymore and is trying new ones. It keeps telling me about how shitty the world is and how it’s getting worse so why should I even bother. I need an exceptionally silly name for it, one so silly that when it starts whispering in my ear I can’t call it on it’s shittiness without laughing. A humorously pathetic doodle might also help, so I can visualize it getting more pathetic when I mock it for it’s silly name.

So, whatcha got? Throw ’em at me.



Filed under health, I'm a nutter, mental health, suicide

5 responses to “I am having a day.

  1. Mildred. Pocono. Duckface. Marmalade. Marmaduke. Splinky. I can keep going.

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