I’m home sick today

No therapy, no skating. Lots of soup and internet and napping. 

I want to not be sick and to be doing things but I am also like “hey, this is a chance to chill and do nothing guilt free, take your throat up on the offer!” so I’m mostly okay with it. I only wish I had gone grocery shopping beforehand because I don’t want to ONLY eat the avgolemono but I don’t have much else in the house right now.

the cats are super needy for attention today for some reason, which is both really cute and very annoying. also I’m out of kibble but they have plenty of wet food. too bad the sore throat of fiery murder couldn’t wait until late today to happen. I go shopping on the way back from therapy usually. I’d have kibble if it had waited! also yogurt.

I want creamsicles.


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