“You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with…a herring.”

sugar on the asphalt

A red one to be exact.

What red herring? What tree? What the hell am I on about?

Over on the Googles today, I re-posted an edited image with the comment “There will always be a reason ‘that rape’ wasn’t legitimate until we stop blaming the victim.” (Go ahead and click the link. I promise I’ll be here when you get back!) In the commentary on the post, someone asked, “Well how do we teach women how to minimize their chances of being raped, without blaming the victim?”

And that, dear friends, is the red herring we’re using to try to cut down the tree of rape. Educating women on how to minimize danger.

This is where we take a little digression. But I need you to hang with me here while I use a rhetorical device (analogy) without a) thinking that I think the analogy I’m making is me…

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