is it naptime yet?

I got to pretend to be a member of the workforce today. I had an all-day class at the Library of Congress, which required dressing like an adult and commuting. Also, getting up at 7am. *sad trombone* 

So I woke at the crack of dawn and got my but to the metro station. At which point I regretted my shoe choice, but would be late if I went home to change them, so BLOODY HEELS AHOY. While heading out of the Capitol South station I heard someone quietly but repeatedly saying my name. When I finally twigged to it, I looked over to see Don Gatto! Who was on his way to a different building of the Library of Congress for his workday. We chatted on our way up the escalator and he invited me to come visit him on my lunch break which I would have done if my feet weren’t bleeding.

The class was mostly interesting, although there was a chunk after lunch which was going over stuff I know backwards and forwards and so I spent a bit of time multitasking (hi twitter!) On the way home I got an email about an archives specialist job in the Navy Yard with a contractor. If it’s like any of the other contractor positions, it won’t end up being my ticket to employmentsville, but just in case it IS my ticket to earning a paycheck once more, I replied with enthusiasm and alacrity.

Now I’m going to see how long I can stand to stay awake before my body forces me to pass out. Added challenge: I’m going to read while I try to stay awake.


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