grow grow grow!

I’m growing brussel sprouts now! My balcony rail window boxes now have green onions, 2 celery plants, 4 brussel sprout plants, and lettuce! 

I finally got the lettuce to sprout! yay! I had to get a second box for the railing but I got one on clearance. I’ll have to look into the best way to winter all this because if I bring it in, the cats will destroy it. Plus there’s no natural sunlight inside.

Personal growth, too. Been listening to the audiobook of Toxic Parentswhich is causing a lot of discomfort but also relief. In the foreword, the author states that not every chapter will apply, but while not every part of every chapter does, there are big parts of every chapter so far that do. I know she wouldn’t be receptive but I wish my mom would read the book. Alas. I can be okay without her changing.

Over the weekend I got a terrible random rash. The doc is guessing it’s an allergic reaction to something, so I am on antibiotics and corticosteroids (internal and external). It’s mostly on the sides of my trunk, so I look like some sort of weird fish! It’s kind of neat. If it was purple or green instead of pink/red, it would be cooler, though. Also I would like it to stop itching now please. SO ITCHY. Got the ok to take benadryl with my meds, but I don’t have any right now so I’m just stuck suffering. SOOOOO ITCHY!!!!


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