Self Care

Despite not posting yet this week, there was a fairly large upswing in site visits yesterday. I can only assume that people were checking to see if I had anything to say about World Suicide Prevention Day, which was yesterday, September 10th, as it is every year. I probably would have posted, but I was busy with some self care.

I’ve been limiting my internet time a lot this week. I tend to have a hard time leaving my computer if there are posts on fb, tumblr, twitter, etc I haven’t read, which is a problem in and of itself, but it’s an even bigger problem (particularly in regard to tumblr, social justice capital of the internet) when I’m feeling vulnerable. Tumblr is a vibrant community and can make me feel like I’m surrounded by friends who have brought me hot cocoa and ice cream and lots of puppies and kittens, but it can also be a very judgemental place. “If you don’t reblog this post, you’re a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve oxygen.” “Reblog if you believe that bad things are bad! If you don’t, I’ll unfollow you!” “Only the worst people don’t know about XYZ! If you don’t know about this, kill yourself, you oppressor fuck!” Generally I’m fine with rolling my eyes and scrolling past, but some days it just feels like the internet at large is screaming at me. So on those days I stay away from the computer. I get email and FB notifications pushed to my phone, and I check reddit there (which seems weird, I know, for someone looking to avoid internet abuse, but I’m pretty careful about what I click and if the link text is inflammatory enough to bug me I just close the app. Which for some reason is much easier with reddit and on the phone than otherwise.)


So I took some time off the internet. I spent Monday-Wednesday reading, doing chores, cooking and eating, and working out. I’ve got three projects I’m working on, too.  And I want to make a batch of cookies. COOKIES. YES. COOOOOOKIES. At some point, that’ll happen.

Today is the anniversary of the Twin Towers collapsing. A lot of people are sharing stories of where they were, what they were doing when they learned of the plane crashes, or listing names of the dead and injured. One of my friends shared this nugget, though, and I think it’s a much better way of commemorating the World Trade Center disaster:

You want to show honor and respect? Then practice active compassion. Help someone out today, make someone’s life a little easier or make them smile when they might not be inclined to do so. Never forget by being a neighbor and a friend and a worthwhile use of the $88,000 in body parts you’re moving around this planet. Forgive a grudge, give the benefit of the doubt, do the dishes for the second time in a row, bite back the cutting rejoinder. Do it and remember what it means to be alive and have the choice to be a part of the solution.

So let’s work on that, shall we? Let’s work on doing that all the time. It won’t just commemorate this particular disaster, it has the potential to prevent many more, including the ones that yesterday’s “holiday” is all about.


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