Today’s just WEIRD

First I slept through my alarm (7:30) until 9. (I went to sleep around midnight.) Then around 12:30 I fell asleep again until 3:30. I’ve had a non-migraine headache all day in my right temple. Other than that I feel find. What’s goin on, body? What’re you up to?

I worked out two days in a row (strength/weight, not cardio) so that’s the only reason I can think of that I had to sleep so much. My butt is SO SORE though, regardless of whether the workouts are why I had to sleep so much. Good sore though. I’m down almost 15 pounds from when I restarted the eating dinnerwell plan after vacation. Which is good because I gained that 15 pounds in the time between last time I was eating healthily (but expensively, bah!) and when I restarted. Now I can try to start on some actual progress! (Nutrition-wise, to save money, I’ve been eating really cheap protein–tuna fish and hot dogs mainly,, with the occasional pb and j (or cashew butter and jelly)–and splurging on plain yogurt and fresh veggies. Most of my (non-breakfast) meals look like this —->

Breakfast is almost always plain greek yogurt that I add a little sugar to and some flavor (cocoa powder, vanilla extract, coconut extract…) I get the big container once a week and eat half a cup each morning. (Just two teaspoons of sugar, not trying to have too many simple carbs.)

While finishing up my BftC work and doing my research for the resources project (and for my seeeeekrit project I still haven’t told you about) I’ve been playing movies from my netflix queue. They recently re-added Strange Days and Johnny Mnemonic, so I’ve been visiting some 90s dystopian future SF while working. Strange Days is particularly prescient with it’s racism/police brutality, but not so much with the technology at the end of the 20th century….Next week I’ll be done with my BftC scanning (I’m doing my last batch of photos but I have some film negatives to scan in, so I expect to finish up around Monday) and uploading will finish after that.  I’m glad to be done because I’ve done what I said I would, and I’ll have more time to work on my other projects, but I worry that not having a deadline (even though I don’t really with BftC, but I don’t want to make them have to wait forever either) will slow my progress….

Paused both my work and my movie this afternoon to run to the library. I put a bunch of books on request and the last one came in today, an hour before the library closed. I ran out to get it, and the others, but only two of my 4 holds were on the shelf. (Self service holds at my library unless they’re ILL it seems.) I talked to the circ employee and she found one on the ILL shelf and one in the back room, and was very sweet about it. I really love my local library system, even if they didn’t hire me when I interviewed with them and they have less money than my old branch and thus a crappier collection. Though when I visit mom and dad for any length of time I do like to visit the old library (which is actually the new library, as they moved to a new, larger building a year or two before I moved to my current home) because it’s gorgeous and has a FABULOUS SFF collection. It’s been a really long time, though, so they notified me that they were suspending my card. Will need to get a new one if I ever end up moving home again. In the meantime I have my PG library card and my DCPL card.








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