oh hey it’s monday again

I got distracted by working on things and napping. But apparently it’s my anniversary of blogging at wordpress! yay or something. ACHIEVEMENT!

I can’t wait until this week is over! I’ve been SO TIRED and it’s only monday! Let’s see, weekend.

Sunday: there was a scrimmage scheduled but no one came to let us into the rink so it was cancelled after everyone stood around for 45 minutes or so. The Boy bought me lunch at our fave brewpub.

Saturday: league retreat! planning for season nine! ate ALL THE FOOD! VERY EXCITING!

Friday and every day: squeezing scanning in at every free moment. and reading books. and watching tv. while scanning. SCANNING.

It’s 8:30 and I haven’t eaten since 1:30 so I’m gonna go fix dinner now.


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