On Wednesdays we wear pink. Or be surprisingly social.

Mostly the latter. Although technically I am wearing pink…because I’m wearing this shirt that thinkgeek apparently doesn’t sell anymore. Anyway I had visits with Tricky Lake and Screwy Decimal today, and it was lovely.

I went over to Tricky’s to see if her bike, which she was selling, would fit me.  See, a few years back I won a bike in a contest. It was a fixie (1-gear) and apparently is worth like 600 new. The frame was built for someone much taller than me, and I could not ride it safely, so it’s just been gathering dust in my parents’ basement. But I want a bike. And Tricky was selling one for significantly less than buying a bike would cost me. So when we discovered that we could definitely lower the seat enough that I would not have issues, I borrowed money from my credit card (a habit I do not want to get into, or condone as a regular thing, but I felt it was okay for this one thing) and wrote her a check. Yay! I also met her super adorable kitty Lucy. Who will stand up on her hind legs like a prairie dog for attention. Super cute.

Then when I got back Screwy IMed to see if I was available, and she came by with her dog August and we went for a walk in the park and chatted and it was very nice. Although I forgot to have lunch in between so I gotta do that now, even if it’s just a little snack. But it’s been a very nice day. I also changed out one of my windshield wipers (the rubber bit disconnected from the holder, so it wasn’t so much wiping the water away when it rained as smearing it around) though it had been long enough since I last did it that I needed some help. Luckily, there’s work being done on the building next to mine and on the gas line under my parking lot, so one of the workers helped me. I bought a different kind of wiper than what is already on the car (but was less expensive, because I had a job last time I replaced my wipers) so they don’t match, but no biggie. The bit from the old wiper that holds on the blade to the arm got stuck on the arm, though, which was my problem. I thought maybe it was part of the wiper arm and couldn’t get the new wiper to work with it (because duh, not compatible) but once I figured out that it was part of the old blade, I was good to go.

I feel like I have, in general, been doing really well. If I didn’t have to worry about money/bills, things would be as good as they can be for me. I’ve lost some weight, I’ve been physically active, I’m helping my fellow man with my charity work, and I have people in my life that care about me. Yay!

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