Today hasn’t turned out quite as expected.

I changed the theme here while things were scanning! Whatcha think? A little more library, a little less derby. But we’ll see about that header image, it might change occasionally.

I ended up sleeping until noon. I went to bed around midnight. Don’t know why I’m so sleepy! I did this Sunday night/Monday morning too, though I didn’t sleep as late then. (until 10 I think, and I went to bed tiny bit later.) I could have spent the day feeling shitty about that, but instead I got moving on stuff I needed to do for BftC. I am going to a Digital Cultural Heritage DC meetup tonight, about the DCPL’s punk library. Hopefully I’ll get a few contacts and have a good time. To keep myself occupied while I scan I’ve been watching Skins, a british teen drama. I started season 2 today. It’s weird, because the characters are teens and have a not-so-nuanced view on certain things, which would normally annoy me, but somehow I’ve come to actually like them, even Tony, who is a total dick for most of season 1.

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