Hurry Up and Wait

Hope everyone (in the US and Canada, anyway, I dunno if other countries had a holiday) had a lovely holiday weekend. The job starting process proceeds apace, and I’ve cleared my first hurdles, but someone who’s required for the final hurdle to be leapt is on vacation, so I may not start on the 27th after all. (Though that person is back for the 27th, so I may just spend my first day dealing with that stuff, it’s unclear at this time.)

My time has been spent preparing for having a lot less time on my hands. In a lot of ways, it will be good; having less free time means I’m going to get more done, because I have less time to waste. But I’m also gonna miss being able to do whatever I want, whenever. Mostly in regard to cooking/baking.


I’ve been watching Continuum, a sf show out of Vancouver (and not Vancouver pretending to be LA or DC or any other city!) and it presents a unique experience for me. The main character is Keira,  a police officer (called a Protector) in the year 2077. She serves a tyrannical, capitalist government run by a Corporate Congress with the surveillance technology of Big Brother’s wet dreams. In the pilot, she is one of the Protectors witnessing the execution of a number of terrorists who have killed and destroyed in their mission to destroy the Corporate Congress. They are all, however, holding a component of a time travel device and Keira runs forward just as they assemble it, dragging her along with them to the beginning of the century. The terrorists organize in their new time to start their revolution before the Corporate Congress is formed, during the early years of post-September 11th security culture, as more and more people are starting to distrust governments and regret the freedoms they’ve allowed to be taken in the name of safety.

Keira is a (mostly) moral, compassionate person. She gets involved with the police force in her past and is partnered with another moral, compassionate person. She works with the (compassionate, moral) past teenage self of the man that made the corporate government and surveillance culture possible in the future. They are the good guys. They are fighting the terrorists, who are willing to destroy buildings, murder people who haven’t done anything wrong yet, in order to prevent the erosion of human rights.

The terrorists’ cause is one I sympathize with, but their methods, not so much. Keira, Carlos, and Alex are sympathetic characters fighting for something that appalls me. Who do I root for? Who do I want to, in theory, help?


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