the Social-est week ever

you know how introverts can be social but need alone time to recharge and extroverts can be shy but recharge by having fun with lotsa friends? This last week is epitomizing my straddling of the introvert/extrovert line. I AM ALL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! 



Faith the dead vampire slayer

Scrimmage! Woo! Derby alla time! Woo! We had our monthly themed scrimmage last Sunday and it being October, we did a slayers/hunters vs dead/undead theme. As previously, officials were encouraged to dress up. I went as Faith Lehane though no one seemed to notice I was in costume. (like, okay, yes, a black tank top and a black pleather jacket and jeans and boots is a normal outfit but I wore makeup! I curled my hair! (and will totally do so again, it was megacute!) I wore vamp lipstick! AT 9 AM! THIS IS SO NOT ME.) To be unbiased I put two dots of red lipstick on my neck (non-canon vampire bite) but they were hidden by my hair and sort of smeared by my hand every time I revealed them. I taught Jean Rot’n’bury how to scorekeep, which was fun. We had tons of skating and non-skating officials, which was nice, so we got to do some “learn new positions” stuff. We also kicked off the See What a Ref Sees program, with league skaters shadowing refs to foster empathy and understanding for the officials plus a greater understanding of rules and calls.

After the scrimmage a bunch of us went out to brunch on 8th St. Limbs and Styx suggested it so it was a nice mix of skaters and officials. I usually don’t go out after scrimmages because I’m poor but I really like getting the chance to spend time with the league socially so I decided to spend a little of the cash I earned on some grand marnier french toast and a mimosa. We had a lot of fun, it was nice.

Monday: first pit crew social gathering of the season! I organized an outing to Thomas Foolery. It was a small turn out but I’m hoping that’s just because it was the first time. We had fun, Funsized Jenn played her first game of jenga (and didn’t lose, though she predicted she would), and I got to have cheerwine outside of North Carolina!

Tuesday: stayed in mostly. had therapy and did grocery shopping but otherwise, lazy day.

Wednesday: BOOOOOOOZE DAY. One of The Boy’s beer friends (who used to live in the area and work at the same place as the boy but had moved to the west coast)  was in town so we met up with him at Meridian Pint to enjoy some beer. The Boy also invited another co-/former coworker and that guy’s girlfriend to come out, so I got to meet more people too. A mellow night out but a fun, social one.

Thursday: Went into BftC to drop off the last of the videos and photos I had, talked to my contact there about getting everything uploaded and scanning the negatives and returning negatives and the flash drive. She was also super excited for my new job news, and I’m super excited that our November themed scrimmage will once again be benefiting BftC Holiday Helpings. After leaving I went into College Park to vote.

rogue selfie

Rogue Selfie

rogue and poison ivy_edited

Rogue and Poison Ivy (shows the color of the dress a bit better)

Friday: Derby friend from Free State hosted a halloween party (superheroes and villains theme). The Boy was going to go originally but that was before it was scheduled for a Friday. He’s always super tired on Fridays and doesn’t want to do anything after.) I had a headache earlier in the day and thought I might not go, but kicked it just before I was gonna get ready anywr work, so I gave him a pass to stay home. I went as a closet cosplay Rogue (just had to get the hair extension and a pair of gloves to complete the outfit, so it was cheap, yay, plus I like Rogue) so I went but didn’t drink. The parties at this guy’s house tend to be a little wild, and I figured I probably wouldn’t want to be there for too long sober and I’d likely be home early, but it was much more toned down (though still lots of fun!) than usual and I didn’t get home until 2. (And I had kicked my headache with the help of a cup of coffee, so I was awake until 8 or 9 am. oops.)

Saturday: I got a couple hours sleep and then got up to clean the apartment because I was having guests! I like having guests anyway but it helps that having guests who aren’t The Boy spurs me to clean up a little better (though I didn’t do as much as I had intended to do because the friday headache and the mega lack of sleep.) The same out-of-town friend as Wednesday came over (as did a couple other people he and the boy know) to help empty some growlers of IPA so he could travel with them (and we also had a bomber of BORIS (stout) so there was something for me, as I do not enjoy IPAs.) We drank a little here, went to Franklins for dinner and more beer, then came back and drank more while playing Ticket to Ride and watching Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Around 1 or 2 am I dropped off two of the guests at the metro and the other drove home.

Sunday: So much sleeping. Also derby watching. Basically, any time I was not doing anything listed above on Friday-Sunday I was watching derby. (Also, for bits and pieces of Saturday while I was doing all that I was watching derby.) It was Championships! I wasn’t gonna totally miss it! I was hoping to be able to be there in person, as I have family in Nashville I coulda stayed with, but then with the new job I thought I’d be working by this weekend. (Still no word on official start date. *frown*)  I had a super fun time at home/with friends/locally, and I wouldn’t want that not to have happened, but I wish I could have been at champs, too, somehow.


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