I am a delicate flower.

the sweat of skating feels more earned than the sweat of off-skates workouts. but it also smells SO MUCH WORSE. (I went to the Anacostia Skate Pavilion with Byers Remorse, transfer skater to DCRG from !!!GOTHAM!!!) 

Still no word on the start date for the job. :/ I emailed future-boss to ask if there were updates, he said unfortunately no, they haven’t said anything but “we’ll notify you as soon as the candidate has been adjudicated.” *sigh* Fingers crossed I start work by Thanksgiving.

I mentioned on FB last night I was thinking of going skating today for an hour before sunset and Byers said she had the day off and could she tag along? Of course I said yes. My off-skates workouts are definitely paying off, I felt much more stable and capable doing my crossovers though I did trip myself a couple times (but only fell once doing laps! though I fell several other times and the laps fall was definitely the worst. I also fell on purpose sometimes but I’m not counting those in the falls tally.) Slow and steady. Also, Byers being there was weirdly helpful. I pushed myself to skate harder because she was there but didn’t feel judged when I screwed up (which is usually how I feel with some more experienced skaters, despite the fact that they are not being judgemental at all).



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