Keeping it light

it’s gonna be a puff piece today folks. A  list of the stupid things my boyfriend and I argue about (for a fairly broad interpretation of the word ‘argue’)

  • who has the superior showerhead
  • the ambient temperature of the room (he prefers it cool, I prefer it warm enough that nudity is the only comfortable option)
  • whether or not the items he is looking for are actually in his butt
  • whether or not frozen burritos are edible
  • the degree of terribleness that we suffer through when cleaning up cat barf (he thinks it is terrible and THE WORST, I think it’s terrible but not THE WORST)
  • uhm
  • other things?
  • I think?
  • Probably?
  • Oh!
  • if he’s too picky about the condition of glassware he pours the beer in.

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