Several happenings

Happening one: Yesterday I discovered that I accidentally made alcoholic coffee–(not technically kahlua, because it was accidental and didn’t have sugar or vanilla, just cold brew coffee concentrate)

Happening two: My hair will be pimple-free because today I washed it with my face wash before realizing my mistake and using the more traditional shampoo.


Happening four: I’ve done 40 pushups over the past day and a half. (one of those exercise challenges, the FB way–a pushup per like on a certain post.)

So, details:

I am working for Novitex Enterprise Solutions at the Department of Justice Environmental Law division as a Records Clerk. The second portion of that is what caused the hold-up between hire date and start date–the Novitex background check was done super quickly but the DoJ runs at the speed of government, so naturally there was a bit of lag. We were expecting that I’d be able to work while the investigation was going on, but that fell through. There’s another new hire who I’ll be working with (I met him when we did the paperwork submission for the DoJ check), we will check in and out the records to  lawyers and their minions and possibly other things as well. They were super cool about letting me come in early on Tuesdays so I can go to therapy over a long lunch (driving and metro-ing from work to therapy takes exactly the same time, so I will likely metro every day rather than driving in once a week), which is so great. I get my badge on Monday, and I’ll be riding my bike to the metro and then the train to work (it’s super metro-accessible, which is a huge plus, since I don’t think I can get the DoJ to give me a free parking space like I did the senate)

Future Boss called and he said he had good news and I responded “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” And he didn’t immediately fire me, so that’s good too! 😉


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