First day on the new job

was mostly good. but it was bookended with mega suck, which sorta takes the shine off my day.

I am a giant idiot who forgot to take my bike lock/cable with me when I left, so I couldn’t lock up my bike at the metro. They have bike lockers, but you have to get one in advance and I was waiting until I had at least one paycheck in for that. The metro employee, I think, was trying to insinuate that I should have left it in the station because it would be taken by metro lost and found, but all my brain heard was “not allowed, it will be taken” and not “this is a way to keep it safe-ish and get it back” because I was super upset so I didn’t do that. You can’t take bikes on the train during rush hours, so I just had to leave it and hope. The Boy went by when he could but it was already gone at noon (4 hours after I left it, so I guess no real surprise there–he was still in bed when I texted him about it as soon as I got on the train platform, and then had to drive in the tail end of rush hour traffic to get here, and it’s almost an hour drive between his place and mine with no traffic, so….) Before entering the station, I put 20 bucks on my metro card, and it registered as being on the card when I went through the gates.

Like I said, work was good. I’m not in the time-keeping system yet, but I got my badge (which took a long time because the system was down and then because for some reason I was in the system as Maria instead of my actual name) so I don’t have to be escorted around anymore. I don’t have a computer log in or any of that because the person who does that is on vacation until next week, but I can log in under the mailroom account, and I have a low-tech task to do in the meantime. I enjoyed the work though I suspect I’ll find it much less fun after a few weeks, but hey, it’s a job.

When I got on the train home, my card only registered a buck and change on it. I talked to the metro guy and he let me go through the actual gate (instead of the pay and the things slide out of your way but it isn’t a turnstile because nothing turns gate) and checked it on the fare machine but basically, metro stole 20 bucks I didn’t really have to spend in the first place from me, and my bike, unsurprisingly, was definitely gone. (When The Boy checked, it could have been that someone else locked it because they were nice and he just didn’t recognize my bike, because he hadn’t really gotten much of a look at it at any time before-he just said he didn’t see any without locks) So I walked home through the gauntlet of creeps in the first stretch, and the half mile or so of darkness and scariness, and got home with blistered feet and a burning desire for food that is not the soup I made last week (which is all I have to eat for dinner. I really feel like I DESERVE chinese food or pizza but I don’t have the money to get it so fuck me I guess)

It’s really weird, on the one hand I’m handling it really well–when The Boy texted to let me know he didn’t see my bike I said I was gonna be upset later but I couldn’t let myself be upset right then (I was at lunch in the break room, so it would’ve been okay to cry, but I didn’t want to mess up my makeup) and I wanted the bike to be there but I knew it wasn’t going to be there and I got most of the way home before I burst into tears. (It was smelling the chinese from Sammy’s Takeout that was the final straw, I think) I started to cry earlier on the walk but I reined it in. I feel like such a moron. And I know hindsight is 20:20 but if I had turned around and gotten the lock when I realized I didn’t have it, I still would have been on time because I got there before my boss and had to wait around and I feel so STUPID



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3 responses to “First day on the new job

  1. I’m glad the work part of your day went well even if the beginning and end were sucky. *hugs*

  2. I am so very sorry about your bike. Also about Metro stealing your money. I hope that everything goes smooth from this point forward.

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