Hope Everyone’s Ritual Sacrifice with Pie Day was nice

Mine was mostly lovely, with some rather mysterious irritation (I could tell, mostly, when I was getting snappish, but I don’t know WHY I was getting snappish)

I got up at 10 and The Boy stayed in bed for an hour more. I internetted while he slept, and when I returned to the bed for snuggles before starting the day, he asked if I made dessert and then laughed at my response of “bitch, did you see me turn on any lights?” because we are dorks. He suggested I made it in the dark but no, I did not. I took a shower and made breakfast for myself, he showered and played megaman, and then I made an apple tart with calvados brandy glaze and calvados whipped cream. Then I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s thanksgiving episode, Pangs (my holiday ritual)¬†and we headed to Wags’ Oprhans Thanksgiving. Puppy didn’t have plans so I invited him to join us there, and he got to make awkward small talk with Wags and Justin Sanity until we arrived (fortunately Puppy is very outgoing)…we arrived and demanded to be fed (Wags’ response was “okay” and then went on with what he was doing after a greeting hug, because he is used to me demanding things and then not expecting them to be given me immediately) and helped set up and opened the last bottle of a friend’s homebrew beer to split between me, the boy, and puppy (said friend usually hosts us for dinner and homebrew the day before thanksgiving, but moved away this summer, alas) then we all chowed down. I ate a lot. A lot a lot. I was in mega pain about 20-30 minutes after dinner, and around 8 I threw up. BOO. But throwing up helped a lot, as did Alka-Seltzer (which helped me throw up, I think, because dude, that’s just fizzy salt water) and I felt so much better. But I missed out on the playing of games because I was feeling icky through the start of one and when it finished I had to go home because I’m working today.


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