What is it about coming home?

Apparently the problem with my life is returning home after work. Although I got off on the right stop tonight, so there’s that.

missed the bus so I got to wait for a ridiculously long time to avoid walking home in the creep infested strip of stores followed by the darkness infested lightless street. and then that bus never arrived so I got to wait even longer. No biggie, read a lot.

Got home and fed cats. turned on the kitchen sink to rinse the spatula; no hot water. It just didn’t put anything out. cold water, if I used that tap, produced cold water. hot water produced air. Called maintenance to let them know and started taking my bike seat off to replace it with the new one (which will probably be more comfortable but not as more comfortable as I had hoped, as the snatch-cup is more of a suggestion of a divot.) and barked my hand on the rear reflector and bled a surprising amount. got the seat off, and the hardware that holds it to the pole came with it. I thought maybe it was something I could take off but no, parts of it are welded to the rails of the old seat. so I had to order bike seat mounting hardware (that’s what she said) and I paid for expedited shipping (1 day, even though I know it’s too late to get it tomorrow, I thought it’d arrive saturday) but estimated arrival time is monday. not cool, amazon.

after I ate one of the maintenance guys came by and told me there was a leak downstairs earlier and they forgot to turn the hot water back on (and apparently no one else needed hot water all day I guess?) and then he ran the water in my kitchen until it started warming up. So that’s fixed anyway.

I am very tired and may not stay up until 10 tonight.

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