Actually feeling like a competent adult

New posting schedule and related blog business to come….

I’m starting to settle into a routine. It is a bit of a tired and grumpy routine at times, but it’s a routine, and I am adjusting. I got a lot done tonight after work, and last night was derby!

Derby: We had a scrimmage scheduled for Sunday morning, but it got switched to Monday evening sometime last week, which suited me fine because it meant I could use Friday to clean up cat barf and do some chores and go to The Boy’s Saturday morning and still get the same amount of time with him. Although on Monday when I was given my uniform polo shirts for work, I was less thrilled at having my evening hours already committed to derby, since I now had laundry to do that night too. Dread Astaire drove me from DC to practice and then from practice home, which was super nice of him (yay Dread!) and meant that I didn’t need to spend a quarter of a tank of gas to derby. (Laurel isn’t super far from me but it’s not as convenient as Temple Hills.) We had three NSOs show up and two injured skaters helping out, so we managed to cover the penalty box, score keeping, and penalty tracking. One of the NSOs was new and had only done box before, and one of the skaters had only done box before, so instead of running the box I tracked penalties while the other veteran NSO kept score with the other skater standing near the box so she could handle any questions. Penalty tracking is the NSO job I need the most work on (excluding jam timing, which is the one job I’ve never done) so I was happy to get a chance to work on it, though the rink we were scrimmaging in isn’t really ideal for that, as it’s generally very easy to hear most of the calls, unlike some of the other venues we’ve practiced at. I did pretty okay, regardless.

Work and Adulting: After practice I threw my shirts in the wash and did some mindless internetting, then hung them up to dry on my laundry rack so I wouldn’t have to stay up for another 45 minutes while they tumbled in the dryer. I missed my bus today (because it came WICKED early, I even left earlier than usual but alas) so I but the bullet and grumblingly drove to the metro station. It apparently was not my day for mass transit luck, because while I got to therapy fine, the bus that was to take me back to the metro station was also ridiculously early and/or never showed and the next bus came 10 minutes late (and was already 20 minutes later than the one I needed.) I was 45 minutes late back from lunch. 10 of which are accounted for by clocking in early when I arrived, thankfully, but I was still very annoyed with the metro system (especially when I arrived at Fort Totten to discover that I’d have to wait 8 minutes for my train on top of having had to wait so long for the bus. I’m going to look into driving into the city and parking near work once a week and see if that’s a viable option, and if not, ask my therapist about doing Saturday appointments twice a month (because she can’t commit to Saturday appts every week, and because I feel like I have less need for the weekly appointments now). The advantage of driving to the metro this morning, however, is that I got to drive home tonight, which meant I got home about 20-40 minutes earlier than I would if I caught the bus and 10-15 minutes earlier than riding my bike, affording me extra time to get some shit done.

After I dumped my coat, scarf, et al, I replaced my bike seat (the package was delivered yesterday to the office, and I sent the leasing office manager an email asking her to put it in my apartment since I wouldn’t be home in time to pick it up from the leasing office, which is only open 9-5), removed most of the decals/stickers (there’s one with the model number which I want to keep in case it gets stolen, and one that amuses me–it says the bike is not for use off-road. the bike is supposed to be a trail bike), and tightened the bolt on the piece that holds the kickstand to the frame, so the kickstand supports it a bit better than it did before (though not as well as I’d prefer.) Then I fed the cats, started a pot of water to boiling, took out the recycling, cooked dinner, (spaghetti) while I did the dishes (and then refilled the sink with the spaghetti-making/serving/eating dishes, alas) and then ate before putting laundry away and writing this blog up. And now I’m going the fuck to sleep, Samuel L. Jackson.


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  1. For some reason, I was not following your blog any more. I don’t know why but now I am again so I should be good. 🙂 Sorry about your transit woes.

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