Progress Report

So I am taking part in an off-season DCRG workout tourney (our TriWizards Tournament! Yes really. I got sorted into a house and EVERYTHING) and that started this week. I’ve worked out every morning except yesterday (because an unplanned 4 mile walk left me tired and a bit sore)… got me thinking about where I am, progress-wise.

On Saturday (Bout day! with a Santa ref! He sees you when you backblock, he knows when your cutting, he knows if you’ve been bad or good….) GTA mentioned that I was looking thinner, so that also spurred a desire to check measurements. Also it’s been since September. Oops. I track neck circumference, bust, waist, hips, arm (bicep) and thigh (mid-thigh) as well as weight. I’m down half an inch in almost every measurement, 1 inch in arm measurement, and no change in thigh (where I’m building most muscle, so no surprise there.) I’ve lost almost/approximately 25 pounds since July. (depending on time of day, etc) GO ME. I did 12 pushups this morning. GETTING STRONGER.


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