Hey look I’m blogging spontaneously again

because when you make a plan, you should immediately decide to ignore it. 😉

I woke up bright and early on new years day (9am) and snuck around getting breakfast and dressed and stuff because there were three young men asleep in my apartment. We had stayed up until 3 or 4 playing games and being silly. I could definitely have handled going back to sleep, but I had that whole hiking thing goin’ on, so I forbore. The Boy was too tired to join us on the hike, which I should have anticipated because he’s way way more introverted than me and would have been tired after hanging out with people the night before even if we had gone to bed earlier. So I let him sleep and woke up Bacon and we snuck out, leaving The Boy and Wags to sleep. We met up with two newer skaters, Pushy Riot and Carmina Katana, and hung out in the parking lot for a bit chatting and waiting to see if anyone else was gonna make it (no one else did). Then to the towpath and Billy Goat trail C. Fun was had! I brought Bacon back home with me and made waffles for him and Wags and I (the boy abstained) and then they headed off to their homes and I went and snuggled with the boy and slept for like 4 hours.

Back at work today. So boring! There’s very little work to do, and mostly it’s stuff that we can’t do when the other person is working because there’s only one hand scanner thing and I am looking forward to the next three weeks being super busy so when things slow to a normal pace, it will be a relief. We have a weekly meeting on Fridays and the guy who did his security stuff at the same time I did finally started earlier this week, so we did some getting to know you stuff. which means coworker K (who is leaving in like a week and a half) asks bizarre and entertaining questions, then new guy got to ask questions but he didn’t know what to ask so K asked everyone else questions on his behalf. He asked R (who is also leaving in like a week) who he would save if we were falling off a cliff-me or S. He very apologetically chose S (who works in the 8th floor file room with R) and I was like “that’s cool, I can save myself.” and I would do that by not going near a cliff with S and R in the first place, lol.

small birthday dinner with friends tomorrow night, then to the boy’s. Actual birthday on Monday.


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