Fun Facts!

Last week I watched Good Will Hunting for the first time in a long time. While watching it, I thought about the last time I had watched it, which made me want to look up the entry I made in my LJ about it. Apparently, this movie makes me think about the last time I watched it every time.

October 25 2003
I woke at 8 15 to Moki barking. Took her out, fed her, went to bed, took her out again 10 minutes later, went back to bed. Alarm went off at 10, hit snooze until 11. Got up. Checked email and friends page. Showered, thought a lot about life and love, dressed, internetted to scotrock for a while. Went upstairs, washed dishes, cleared the mess on the kitchen table. Went to the grocery store as already chronicled. Came home, swept the floor, cleaned up obe’s area in our room, vacuumed, went downstairs, watched TV in the kitchen. Started some laundry, watched Good Will Hunting on Bravo’s 5 star cinema. Last time I saw it was also the first time, my first R rated movie seen legally in the theater. My 17th birthday, celebrated with Eric and Meredith. It was a good birthday. The movie was good the second time, too. On the commercial breaks I took moki outside, we just sorta hung out. The sky everywhere but in the southwest is red. its beautiful. during the second half I busted out the last Bacardi O3, finished the laundry (well, started finishing it) then when they cut off the credits and Elliot Smith’s “Miss Misery” I turned off the tv, locked the kitchen door, and came here to talk to Sarah and Jenn.
Perfect…I really crave this–its life. real life is doing laundry and sweeping the kitchen floor and playing with the dog and enjoying a drink while Matt Damon is hot on the tv and the sky is red and air is chilled but warm enough to go out without a jacket and you make yourself dinner and you can have junk if you want but you eat right because you want to, not because you have to.
Its really gorgeous out tonight. warm enough not to wear a jacket, cool enough to be glad of the sweater Im wearing, beautiful hazy sky the dull color of dirt encrusted bike reflectors. When I was writing this entry moki had to go out so we went out and I just love it out there. I talked to two spiders. They’re building a web on my apple tree. Really, its built, but one of them is building an eggsack and the other is guarding that one. And yes, I still talk to the tree. Who cares if Im crazy, I like me.
(bold text is removed links to their LJs) 22 year old me was kind of a dork. Almost-34 year old me is also a dork.
Speaking of seeing this movie for my birthday, today’s my birthday! yay! On Saturday I had dinner with Bacon and Dixie before going to see The Boy for the rest of the weekend. Dad came by Sunday evening to bestow presents upon me. I’m wearing a tiara at work today because: NERRRRRRRD.

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