Holidays. Fambly. Stuff.

Yesterday was MAH BIRFDAY! YAY! I have survived another year! Go me!

The holidays were a little weird. Remember waaaaaaaaay back in June/July when I had that fight with my mom at the outer banks and she stopped talking to me? and then around September she acted like everything was cool and we were back to normal-ish? Yeah…not so much. Apparently, she interpreted everything I said as me literally saying “you’re a bad mother”  when in fact, I said nothing of the sort. Now she is insisting on an apology. Dad had invited me and the Boy over for Christmas, because his mom was coming too. We had a pleasant evening, mostly. I only had one present under the tree (a box of truffles) and some candy and a gift card in my stocking, so I figured this was some passive aggression from my mom but didn’t much care. I enjoyed visiting with Mummy and with my parents. Mom occasionally acted weird/angry at me, but was mostly behaving like things were normal and like she never gets me tons of stuff for Christmas, and I was able to shrug off the weird/angry bits. Then we got ready to leave. I went to hug my mother and she hissed in my ear “I don’t think you remember what you said to me.” I told her I remembered exactly what I said (I, having the benefit of not being an alcoholic and turning my brain to mush constantly, actually remember things much better than she does, disregarding the fact that memories are pretty damn malleable). She thought I was confused about what she was referring to and told me I called her a bad mother. I said I didn’t, and she insisted I did, and then I started to walk away and so she decided it wasn’t worth arguing the point when the important thing was forcing me to obey, so she said “you should apologize anyway.” I said I wouldn’t as I grabbed my bag, she and dad both got a little pissy about that, The Boy and I left, and I felt shitty for a day or two. *shrug* no big deal. Dad brought the Christmas presents he had already purchased for me over on Sunday, calling them birthday presents (and there were also birthday presents, because I called to ask if there would be presents as there were a couple things I would need to buy myself if I didn’t get them from him, and he added those to the pile). Mom always calls on my birthday, but apparently is “punishing” me by having not done so. Of course, I hate talking on the phone most of the time, and we never have anything to say to each other anyway, so I don’t think she’s really thinking it through, as far as punishment goes, but whatever. It just means I don’t have to tell her I don’t need to be reminded to call my grandmother for her birthday (today).

My brother called yesterday, which was nice. He managed to call right when I got home, and then was worried he was gonna use up my minutes and immediately hung up, and then I called him back because I have unlimited minutes now. We had a super awkward conversation because he was at work so there were no nephews to fill in the conversational gaps, heh. Then I went grocery shopping and ate frozen pizza while internetting and watching the X-Files to keep up with the X-Files Files podcast. A sedate but pleasant inauguration to my 34th year.


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