Nerdsday Thursday: We got a body.

welcome_to_twin_peaks_by_samsayer-d4v2p06Welcome to the first installment of Nerdsday Thursday! Today we’re talking the Twin Peaks pilot! Because I was 8 when it first aired, I’ve never seen it. UNTIL NOW(-owowowowow)

I remember when it originally aired though, I was so desperate to see it. I’m pretty sure my dad watched it, because he had the soundtrack on cd (which I listened to obsessively when I discovered it). It’s been on my Netflix queue for ages, but I didn’t watch it for two reasons: I wanted to be sure I’d be able to devote my full attention to it and 2) I was afraid it wouldn’t stand up to my expectations. But then tonight (writing this on Saturday) I was lookin’ for something to watch and thought “hey, let’s watch Twin Peaks! AND WRITE ABOUT IT FOR THE BLOG.”

So here’s what I knew coming into it. It takes place in a small town called Twin Peaks. It has Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper and whats-her-face as Audry and David Duchovny plays a crossdresser andr there’s someone called the Log Lady and Agent Cooper enjoys a damn fine cup of coffee and Leland Palmer’s played by Ray Wise. And I am pretty sure I know who killed Laura Palmer, if the Psych homage was correctly spoiling the series. (I didn’t MEAN to find out.) OH! And at some point Samson from Carnivalé is in it.

There are definitely a lot of actors I recognize (I think The X-Files was specifically casting from Twin Peaks‘ cast when it could, for one thing!) I am somewhat familiar with Lynch’s visual style, and this certainly is Lynchian, though it rarely took away from the storytelling. Something that consistently took me out of the moment was trying to imagine all those 30 year olds as high schoolers!

I expected MacLachlan to be genially weird, but there were definitely moments when he was actually scary, particularly in the interrogation of Bobby, when he smiled at Sheriff Truman before explaining how this would work to Bobby. (Who was scary in his own right near the end when he went ape at James!) It was obvious from the first classroom scene that James was in love with Laura (though I entertained an interest in Donna briefly) so when the diary mentioned meeting “J” I was not as stymied as the law, nor Bobby. Though how he knew it was a biker just from the initial is beyond me–no one has a name that starts with “J” that doesn’t have a motorcycle? Whatever.

I really enjoyed this first episode (though I think the version on Netflix is shorter than the one on DVD–googling Twin Peaks pilot length says 113 minutes, this was 93. Curious about those 10 minutes!

I’ll write an entry after every episode I watch, probably, but they’ll only post on Thursdays so I can bank some entries.  After I finish the series (and movie, if I can get it) I’ll move on to something else…a video game, maybe, or comic series, or another TV show. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “Nerdsday Thursday: We got a body.

  1. I haven’t seen this since I watched it live but I’ve been thinking about looking it up. Apparently it’s in Crave.

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